Friday, May 18, 2012

Productive Week!

This has been a productive week having made 450 bars of soap.   My inventory shelves are looking alot better.    I am really excited to try a new swirling technique that we learned at the Soap Conference last week.   This is a photo of what it might look like:

One of my customers wanted to order 12 bars of Gregorian Mist soap and I was completely out!   Actually it was on my to-do list.   I emailed her and asked if she wanted to substitute a different fragrance...and her immediate response was she would be glad to wait as it is their favorite.   It is made and is now drying.

I posted this photo to Face Book as I think it is so beautiful.   On Mothers' day we put photos of our Mothers out and this is the table decor that Sr. Denise prepared for the photos:

Tomorrow will be my Hermit Day.   We can take a day of solitude once a month and I'm ready!   I'll remember you all in my prayer.

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